Mobile Album International is an arts review designed as a mobile exhibition and reflection space for contemporary art and culture. The review welcomes critical and theoretical thought-pieces as expressed by artists and collectors. It is an international and interdisciplinary publication showcasing work by writers, artists, philosophers and organisers.

Mobile Album International is published in book-form, with a full-colour section featuring numerous reproductions that are best represented in full-page spreads, while a black-and-white printed section regroups most of the critical and theoretical writings.

* Album : noun (late 17th c., “list of friends” from Latin album amicorum, used by German scholars to designate a notebook containing autographs; mid-18th c. “travel notebook”; “blank tablet; list” from Latin album. 1. Notebook or personal file used to keep drawings, photos, multiple collections. 2. Printed collection of iconographic documents.

Making an album means creating a platform that is used as a mediating space between artists and theorists, between New York and Europe, between generations of artists, researchers, visual poets and contemporary art institutions and private collections. It is a platform used to share contemporary creation and the way it questions a world which cannot be reduced to only one trend or movement — as such, it is open to all intensities, actions and multiplications.

Format: 6,49 x 9,45 inches, high-quality print
The review is bilingual (French / English).
180-200 pages.
Run of 2500 copies.


Publishing Director: Valentine Verhaeghe
International editorial committee: France – Michel Collet, Prof. Louis Ucciani, USA – Patrice Lerochereuil / USA – Professor Pierre Joris, NYC / USA – Christian Xatrec / Italy – Anselm Jappe / Spain – Joan Casella, art critic / Professor Bartolomé Ferrando, UPV Valencia /
Coordinator: (Numbers 1 and 2) Michel Collet, (Number 3) Valentine Verhaeghe
Direction artistique & design / Art & Design Director Jean-Luc Gehres / www.welcomedesign.fr
Translation: Jannike Bergh, Udo Breger, Pauline Cumbers, Eve Downey, Rafael Guerrero, Violette Guinchard, Philippe Laplace, Cara Leopold, Patrice Lerochereuil, Mélody Michut, John Olsen, Laura Snappe, Peggy Tyrode, Yolanda Pérez Herreras, Simon Welch (…)